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This apps is Camera apps to see a ghost's image at appearance place of ghosts.They don't appear because so shy when no one place.They appear only such a place where around your face or a face of people in ghost place and day must install a OpenCV Manager before installing this apps. don't worry, it is opened that the menu for install the OpenCV Manager when first time install this please install it according to an instruction of messages of the don't have to install it if already was installed it.OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a library of programming functions for real time computer vision. (
Please do the following operations to see Ghost's Image.1.Take a pic at the appearance place of ghost and it is saved.2.Take out the ghost images from Camera or Gallery App and Saving after processing the image.3.Matching the appearance place of ghost images of ghost and it is saved.
Of course, you can have image anything that monsters and fairies and youkai angels too.The image with a ghost can post to Facebook, Twitter too.